About The Central Japan Startup Ecosystem

What is the Central Japan Startup Ecosystem Consortium?

In July 2020, Aichi, Nagoya, and Hamamatsu to join forces to become one of the nation’s four Startup Ecosystem Global Base Cities groups.

The region’s ecosystem provides everything a startup needs – from highly trained workers in many specialized fields to opportunities to conduct feasibility studies with leading companies, such as in the mobility sector.

Accelerator programs, financial support systems, innovative university seeds, and collaborative partnerships with ecosystems outside Japan also attract a diverse range of entrepreneurs to this region – some even relocating their head offices from Tokyo or other parts of Japan.

We invite startups, prospect entrepreneurs, and students from all corners of the world to facilitate state‐of‐the‐art open innovation by infusing new ideas with local craftsmanship.

About The Region


For several centuries, the Central Japan region occupied a pivotal position in the history of the nation’s manufacturing craftsmanship. This area is home to advanced technologies forged through the growth and global expansion of numerous industrial sectors, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Machine Tools, Production Machinery, Iron and Steel, Musical Instruments, and Photonics/Electronics.


Nagoya is less than an hour’s ride from the International Airport, Centrair. From Tokyo, Nagoya is approximately 93 minutes by the bullet train Nozomi. And Tokyo - Hamamatsu is approximately 80 minutes on the Hikari.


The 6,731 km2 area is currently home to 8.29 million people, out of which over 300 thousand are foreign nationals. It is the land of those who eye the future and desire to take on new challenges. And will be a home-from-home for entrepreneurs and startups who share the same will and passion.


Various chill-out activities such as surfing, hiking, camping, paragliding, and ski/snowboarding are easily accessible. And seasonal marathon events and Formula One races are also hosted in adjacent cities. Furthermore, the American Chamber of Commerce Chubu Chapter, Tokai Japan Canada Society, Chubu Walkathon & International Charity Festival, and Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival are opportunities to meet likeminded locals.